Analysis of the development of China's carbon industry

From the perspective of the competitive landscape, the industry is still in the stage of decentralized competition. Fangda Carbon leads the industry, but the industry concentration needs to be improved, and the industry competition will become fierce in the future. In addition, the China Carbon Industry Association released the “T/ZGTS001-2019 Carbon Industry Air Pollution Emission Standard” in March 2019, which means that the industry's environmental requirements are becoming stricter, which will bring pressure to the development of the industry. From the perspective of industry product trends, industry insiders pointed out that the development of graphite electrodes to ultra-high power electrodes is a future trend. In 2018, China's carbon industry entered a new stage of development, with graphite electrode output reaching 650,000 The carbon industry is an important raw material industry in the country. Due to its excellent characteristics, it is a typical circular economy industry because it is a special material that can not be replaced by any metal and non-metal materials in many special fields. Widely used in metallurgy, chemical, machinery manufacturing, aerospace, wind energy, solar power, new energy and other fields. China's graphite electrodes, carbon electrodes, prebaked anodes and cathodes, carbon blocks, carbon pastes, and special carbons are among the highest in the world regardless of capacity or output.

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