Carbon additive(GCA /CAC) market news


Carbon additive(GCA /CAC) market | will be affected by the environmental impact of the start will fluctuate buying from the speed

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This week, the mainstream price of the carbon additive market in China remained stable, while the overall market trade was stable. However, in view of the limited production in the downstream market due to the heating season, the start of production was limited, and the products of enterprises were generally delivered by fixed customers. The overall performance was weak and enterprises had inventory.The market price of anthracite for raw materials is stable, the environmental protection situation in the main production area of ningxia is stable, the start of enterprises is stable, the supply of raw materials is normal, but the price is stable, and the carbon filler for cost support is limited.In terms of starting up, enterprises in ningxia region, the main producing area of carbon increasing agent for pu calciner, are stable at present. Enterprises say that the recent shipment is general. However, the cost of enterprises increases due to environmental protection renovation and material yard construction.After entering the heating season, due to the impact of heavy pollution weather control and downriver construction reduction, the market price of carbon additives will fluctuate.

Downstream: domestic construction steel prices this week weak shock.To be specific, the overall market is still in a tepid state, local production limit information frequency, limited dividend.In terms of regions, north China is affected by steel plant maintenance and heating season production limit, and the price is relatively strong. In northeast and northwest China, the weather turns cold and the demand turns weak, and price weakness is adjusted. East China, central China and south China are affected by the import fair and environmental protection production limit.In this cycle, the spiral falls and the northern weather turns cold, resulting in poor demand and weak market prices in many places.Comprehensive consideration, short - term construction materials market price or weak shocks, adjustment within 50 RMB.


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