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China coal association: it is more difficult to guarantee the emergency supply of coal

With the closure and withdrawal of outdated coal capacity, the focus of coal production is shifting to the west at a faster pace, highlighting regional and periodical coal supply constraints and making it more difficult to guarantee coal emergency supply nationwide, liang jiakun, party secretary of the China coal industry association, said at the 2019 summer national coal trade conference.

"The number of coal mines in China has decreased from more than 10,000 at the end of 2014 to about 5,800 at present. China's regional coal supply pattern has undergone profound changes, posing new challenges to resource varieties and transportation capacity allocation.""Said liang jiakun.

On the basis of the recovery of the industry in the previous two years, this year's coal industry benefits continue to improve.According to zhang hong, deputy secretary general of China coal association, coal enterprises above the designated size made profits of 111.06 billion yuan in the first five months of this year.The profits of 90 large coal enterprises reached 64.08 billion yuan, of which the first five accounted for 59.4%.

"The profit distribution of coal enterprises is very uneven, and the overall development is not balanced and sufficient.""Profits are concentrated in several large coal enterprises, but the losses of coal enterprises above the designated scale are still close to 30%," said liang.

"The task of shutting down backward production capacity remains arduous. The closure and withdrawal of coal mine assets and the disposal of debts have made slow progress."Said liang jiakun.

He said that although it is more difficult to ensure the emergency supply of coal nationwide, the current and future period, the total coal surplus will become a normal, in a certain period, some regions may become the main contradiction.In particular, with the acceleration of the release of new coal capacity, downward pressure on the market has emerged.Coal enterprises shall abide by the law of the market, organize production in accordance with market demand, improve the quality of commercial coal, prohibit coal mine production beyond capacity, prohibit coal mine production in violation of laws and regulations, and maintain the order of the coal market.

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