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  • China will vigorously promote the construction of coal production, supply, storage and marketing system

China will vigorously promote the construction of coal production, supply, storage and marketing system

China will vigorously promote the construction of a coal production, supply, storage and sales system to deepen supply-side structural reform and ensure energy security and stable supply, according to the 2019 summer national coal trade conference.The national development and reform commission has worked out a construction plan with relevant departments, making overall plans and systematic arrangements for key tasks by 2025.

According to the national development and reform commission, deputy secretary general of Zhao Chen xin, coal production will be in accordance with the "big pressure on the small" the thinking of "reduced gain better", continue to break inefficient invalid supply, through the new production batch, approval of new nuclear level, a batch of a batch, the new planning and development, and accelerate the release of high-quality advanced production capacity, promote coal capacity upgrading of the structure.

Supply is mainly to do a good job of transport security.Reserve is the focus of our work in recent years. We should establish a reserve system that combines coal production capacity reserve with product reserve, give priority to corporate social responsibility reserve, and combine it with government reserve and guarantee priorities.Sales is to further improve the medium - and long-term contract system and strengthen the construction of the coal market system.

China's first national coal trading center has been established in Beijing."China will gradually form a modern coal trading market system with the national coal trading center as the core and the regional coal market as the supplement," he said."Mr. Zhao said.

Since the beginning of this year, China's coal market has remained stable and achieved a dynamic balance between supply and demand.After the target of reducing 800 million tons of overcapacity in the 13th five-year plan was met two years ahead of schedule, the coal industry has moved into a new stage of structural capacity reduction and systematic capacity optimization.

"The coal industry is still in a period of structural adjustment, and a high-quality supply system has not yet been fully established."Mr. Zhao said.

He said efforts should be made to consolidate the achievements of overcapacity, and resolutely prevent the revival of backward production capacity.Efforts to speed up the clearance of zombie enterprises, accelerate the release of high-quality advanced production capacity;We will make efforts to cut overcapacity in a systematic, holistic and coordinated manner, and make overall plans for the resettlement of workers and the disposal of debts.We will work hard to promote coal and power joint ventures, mergers and reorganizations, and accelerate the transformation of old drivers of growth in the coal industry.

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