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  • China's first large coking coal storage and distribution base has been established

China's first large coking coal storage and distribution base has been established

Wang maosheng, chairman of shanxi coking coal group, said that the base, with a total investment of 1 billion yuan (RMB), will rely on shandong rizhao port to store and sell 10 million tons of coking coal annually, mainly for steel enterprises around shandong province, northeast China and east China coastal and riverside areas. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2020.

Coke is an important raw material for steelmaking.At present, coking resources are scarce all over the world, and large blast furnaces have higher and higher requirements on coke quality and stability, while coking coal has less and less strong binding coal, this contradiction is particularly prominent in China.Steel mills need to purchase different types of coal for blending to ensure steel quality.

"Rizhao coking coal blending base aims to directly provide coal blending schemes and customized coking coal products for steel enterprises, which will not only improve coal energy efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions, but also reduce the procurement cost of enterprises.""That in turn helped us improve our coal blending skills," Mr. Wang said.

Zhang hong, deputy secretary general of China coal industry association, said that the establishment of rizhao coking coal blending base is in line with the needs of the national coal strategy layout and will realize the service and guarantee for the steel industry in a larger scope, higher level and better level.

According to the coal logistics development plan released by the national development and reform commission and the national energy administration, by 2020, 11 large coal storage and distribution bases and 30 logistics parks with an annual circulation scale of 20 million tons will be built in combination with the construction layout of national coal emergency reserve.

Rizhao port is the largest coke transit port in China, and also one of the important sea ports for "west coal transportation to east" and "north coal transportation to south".The major shareholder of the project is shanxi coking coal group, which is the largest coking coal production and processing enterprise and supplier in China.After the opening of the new company, the project of rizhao coal coke logistics park will be transferred to the accelerated construction stage.

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