Spheroidizer, inoculant and other products have a variety of different distribution ratio and particle size distribution, casting production users need to according to their own production equipment, liquid iron composition, casting type and other different conditions to choose different spheroidizer, inoculant.The company has many years of experience in the production of nodulizer and inoculant and professional sales and service team, combined with long-term export services and technical exchanges with domestic and foreign experts in casting, can provide domestic customers with a variety of casting additive alloy products suitable for the needs.The following is a general introduction to the selection of spheroidizing agent and inoculating agent.

1.Selection of spheroidizing agents:


(1) magnesium content of 4%, 5% and 5.5% belong to low magnesium spheroidizer, RE is between 1% and 2%, which is mostly used for medium frequency furnace melting and low sulfur iron solution spheroidizing treatment.It has the advantages of slow spheroidizing reaction and easy absorption of spheroidizing elements.

(2) magnesium content 6%, 8% belongs to medium magnesium series nodulating agent, mostly used for cupola, electric furnace double smelting, or intermediate frequency furnace smelting pearl-like shape cast ductile iron castings.According to the wall thickness of the casting and the sulfur content of the original molten iron, the appropriate amount of nodulating agent was determined.

(3) high-magnesium series nodulating agent, suitable for cupola melting, iron liquid containing 0.06%-0.09% sulfur, the addition amount is between 1.6% and 2.0%.

(4) low aluminum nodulizer is used in castings that are prone to subcutaneous porosity defects and castings that require aluminum content in liquid iron.

(5) the nodulating agents produced by pure Ce and pure La have less pure inclusion in iron solution after nodulating treatment and rounded graphite balls.The nodulating agent produced by yttrium base heavy rare earth is suitable for large section castings to delay nodulating deterioration and prevent massive graphite.Use of Sb spheroidizer in pearlitic ductile iron.

(6) low silicon spheroidizer is suitable for foundry factories that use a large amount of return charge;Nickel-magnesium nodulating agent is used in high nickel austenitic ductile iron.

2.Inoculant selection:

(1) Si, Ba, Ca and Al alloys are widely used, with ideal inoculating effect and low dosage.Barium is a very active element, low calcium barium silicon barium inoculant, graphitization ability is strong, gray cast iron, ductile iron, vermicular cast iron preferred.

(2) advanced deoxyinoculant, with strong deoxygenation, and silicon, cost saving, used to prevent stomata and subcutaneous stomata.

(3) strontium silicate ingeting agent does not increase the number of eutectic clusters in gray cast iron, but the graphitization effect is good, preventing the thin wall, uneven thickness casting white mouth effect is significant, so it can prevent the thin wall, uneven thickness casting (cylinder block, cylinder head) leakage.

(4) high aluminum and low calcium ferrosilicon inoculant, eliminating gray iron white mouth effect is significant.The inoculant containing bismuth ferrosilicon can make up for the deficiency of single addition of bismuth.Si-zirconium inoculant can refine austenite dendrite and improve the strength of cast iron.Inoculant add manganese, can reduce the melting point of multi-element alloy in order to facilitate the diffusion and absorption in liquid iron, calcium silicon-barium manganese inoculant effect in this aspect is particularly outstanding.

(5) rare earth inoculant has special effect on reducing the brittleness of white cast iron.For high grade subeutectic gray cast iron, the graphite morphology can be improved obviously without deliberately reducing the carbon content.

(6) in-mold inoculant is the most resource-saving and inoculating treatment method with the best inoculating effect. The casting system is equipped with foamed ceramic filter, which constitutes the combination of producing high-quality casting.Inoculating blocks will be favored by more foundry enterprises.

(7) specially produced covering agent, with pure composition and uniform particle size, is more conducive to obtaining stable high-quality casting products.

Rare earth calcium barium inoculant

1. Improve the graphite morphology of thick heavy core

1.Common particle sizes: 5mm-15mm,3mm-8mm,2mm-6mm,0.2mm--0.8mm;

2.Large water output (tonnage of treatment package), select large particles 5mm-15mm or 3mm-8mm when the temperature is high;

3.0.2mm--0.8mm is used for following flow;2mm -- 6mm for reverse inoculation;

Ii. Spheroidizing agent

Our company plans to produce various kinds of rare earth silicon-magnesium alloy nodulating agents for nodular cast iron, which can be used for nodularization, desulfurization and degassing after the addition of molten iron, and can improve the purity of cast water, and can also work with impurities at low melting point such as arsenic, zinc, lead and other impurities to produce iron compounds with low melting point and eliminate these impurities.It can prevent interfering elements from destroying spheroidization.

Second, scope of application

All kinds of ductile iron

Three, the characteristics of

Spheroidization ability is strong, composition is stable, reaction is smooth, without the worry of declination.

Composition and particle size can be precisely controlled as required.

Four, use method

The ratio of the height to the inside diameter of the spheroidized bag (dyke type) should be greater than 1.5 to facilitate magnesium absorption.

Spheroidizing molten iron temperature is 1460 ℃ -- 1550 ℃

On the side of the treatment package facing the molten iron, the spheroidizing agent, inoculant, covering agent, iron pin and steel plate covering should be placed successively. It should be noted that the spheroidizing agent and covering material should be moderately collided.(the covering shall be changed appropriately according to the temperature of molten iron and the intensity of reaction)

Because each manufacturer circumstance is different, need to master reasonable addition quantity flexibly, achieve best use effect.

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