classification of carbon additive

Graphitized petroleum coke carbonizing agent, electrode crushing carbonizing agent (including processing debris and recovery of crushed materials), partial graphitized carbonizing agent, calcined petroleum coke carbonizing agent, calcined coal carbonizing agent, compound carbonizing agent, and other types

1. Graphitized petroleum coke:

It is obtained by graphitizing raw petroleum coke in a graphitization furnace at high temperature.Graphitization temperature 2500-3000.Appearance black or dark gray, metallic luster, porous structure, can be painted on the paper traces, fixed carbon high, low sulfur, nitrogen content.

2. Electrode crushing:

Production of graphite electrodes, graphite products produced by the processing of waste materials after screening.Graphitization temperature 2500-3000.In addition, the recycled waste electrode and graphite products can be broken and screened, and traces can also be drawn on the paper, with high fixed carbon and low sulfur and nitrogen content.It is grainy and dull.

3. Partially graphitized petroleum coke

Petroleum coke products not sufficiently graphitized.In the process of graphitization in the low temperature part, the production of graphite electrode insulation material, negative material insulation material.Appearance black or dark gray, metallic luster, porous structure, can be painted on the paper traces, fixed carbon high, sulfur, nitrogen content than graphitized petroleum coke higher.

4. Carbonizing agent for calcining petroleum coke

The petroleum coke is calcined in a calciner at a temperature of 1400.Appearance porous structure.No marks on the paper, high fixed carbon, high sulfur content, unstable nitrogen content.

5. Carbonizing agent for calcining coal

Using high quality anthracite into the calciner calcining, calcining temperature of 1200-1300.Black granular, metallic luster, fixed carbon 85-93.Sulfur content and nitrogen content are moderate.

6. Compound carburizer

According to different raw materials, the fixed carbon, sulfur content, nitrogen content and absorption rate are different.

7. Other classes

All other raw materials containing carbon, such as coke, natural graphite, etc.


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