Downstream demand weak qingang coal transport supply and demand weak

In June, when the weather heated up and the coal began to spontaneously ignite, some customers began to control the shipment quantity.At the same time, coal prices upside down phenomenon still exist, some traders reduce the operation.

According to market sources, coal shipments along the daqin line have been declining since June, down about 15% from the beginning of may.It is close to the delivery level of daqin line during its overhaul in April.

At the same time, due to the impact of weak downstream demand and high inventory, the end users are mainly chief executive cooperation, lack of market demand for coal procurement.

As a result, qinhuangdao port in June daily transfer volume compared with the same period last year were reduced.

As of June 18, the average daily amount of railway coal transferred in qingang was 527,200 tons

In the same period, the average daily turnover was 564,800 tons, 18,000 tons less than the previous month and 28,600 tons less than the same period last year.

The daily number of anchorage ships increased by 0.72 from the previous month, and decreased by 45.06 from the same period last year.

According to China coal resources network, recently, the demand of the port cooling, spot traders shipping intention increased, but with the xi 'an bureau cut part of the shipping line costs to the port, the negative factors slightly increased, the market wait and see sentiment increased, the actual transaction is limited.

On June 18, thermal coal (CV5500) closed out at 595 yuan/t, thermal coal (CV5000) closed out at 510-515 yuan/t.On June 18, fen and wei CCI thermal coal price showed that CCI5500 CAL was up to 595 yuan/ton, the same as the previous day, down 2 yuan/ton from the end of last month, while CCI5000 CAL was up to 514 yuan/ton, up 1 yuan/ton from the previous day and up 6 yuan/ton from the end of last month.

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