Recent situation of ferroalloy market

Recent situation of ferroalloy market

[ferro-silicon] recently, the domestic spot market of ferro-silicon remains stable. The ex-factory price of 72 ferro-silicon is 6200-6400 yuan/ton, while the ex-factory price of 75 ferro-silicon is 6600-6700 yuan/ton. There is not much stock in the spot market, so we will not reduce it.Domestic spot market of ferrosilicon at present is in drop rise dilemma situation.On the one hand, the orders of manufacturers are ok and the inventory is tight, but the operation rate in the four main production areas is high, the supply of ferrosilicon remains high, and the factory has no intention to reduce production and overhaul in the short term, so the market price has insufficient impetus to rise.Downstream demand, on the other hand, incremental slightly increase stage, to support demand for ferrosilicon, in the short term, prices down space is not large, so the ferrosilicon market nearly two months has been in a tight trading range interval, the more worrying is a sharp fall in the days of ferrosilicon futures market price will affect the spot market, but from the point of today's futures disk, long-short for more intense, capital outflow is bigger, underweight, support 01 contracts in 6230 to a certain extent, therefore to period market now also need not too pessimistic, next week is about to usher in a new round of steel,New demand injection may bring some confidence to the future, in the short term, the market consolidation shock pattern will remain.

[manganese ore] recent manganese ore market weak stable operation, market transaction is not smooth, price appears loose signs.Compared with the spot, the current futures cost still has some advantages. The downstream alloy has a large demand for futures, and there are many inquiries in the early stage of the spot. After the centralized release of the new round of procurement demand, the demand returns to a stable level in the short term.After the completion of steel recruitment, the silicon-manganese market basically returns to stable, but the manufacturer's quotation is still relatively stable. Although the south and north markets have the news of environmental protection and power restriction from time to time, the production of silicon-manganese does not constitute a significant reduction, and there is still a weak impact on the market mentality.In the short term, the fundamentals have no obvious negative impact, but poor shipping may be a bigger challenge in the mindset.

[silicon-manganese] the spot market of silicon-manganese keeps a high level of consolidation. The manufacturer's orders are in good condition and the spot resources are relatively tight. At present, the mainstream quotation is 8500-8600 yuan/ton and the acceptance is 8750-8900 yuan/ton.Affected by the overall bearish black disk, the silicon-manganese futures disk is still weak, today's closing price of 8376 yuan, futures discount at 200-300 yuan per ton.As for the upstream manganese ore, it continues to fluctuate today. The low port inventory level gives traders some confidence. Besides, the demand for silicon and manganese is good.Shipment alloy factory orders at present, the spot resources is less, the downstream steel mills have little impact on environmental protection, production enthusiasm remains high, November order of silicon manganese steel mills continue to receive, guimeng demand performance is good, in the short term, alloy manufacturer at present does not have any sales pressure, traders in the hands of fewer resources, market liquidity is not big, downward price low possibility.

To sum up, although the upstream manganese ore price continues to loosen, the manufacturer still remains high in cost. In addition, there is no sales pressure for the continued orders of the silicon-manganese own manufacturers. It is estimated that the steel demand in December is still good, and the overall confidence of the manufacturer is sufficient.

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