[Ferro silicon] weak operation transaction decline

                         [Ferro silicon] weak operation transaction decline

Recently, domestic silicon iron market transaction is relatively general, manufacturers have a weak confidence in the future market, on the one hand, the futures market performance is not good, although has been discount market, but the power to rise is insufficient;Downstream of the recent new purchasing steel has ended, traders purchase enthusiasm is not high, factory inventories have accumulated are clinch a deal the price fell, on the other hand, with the ningxia area environmental look back this month 20, specific environmental policy it is not clear, factory reflect haven't received any news, such as environmental protection to limit production, reducing the supply side appears, ferrosilicon market is expected to attract a rebound at the end of the year, as things stand, ferrosilicon in the short term will remain volatile weak trend, markets wait-and-see atmosphere.


Futures market: 18 small ferrosilicon futures market opened lower after a slightly downward pull litre, with a high speed, then basically intraday rebound back slightly after concussion run to close, as close a slightly small Yang line today so on disk activity is still relatively weak, the overall deal continue shrank, underweight 8382 hand today, KDJ indicators further narrowing gap, have the possibility of upward to form gold fork, other technical indicators, the short term, the possibility of partial shock run larger afternoon, or in the formation of rebound, but the upward pressure is bigger

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