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  • Guangxi coastal railway rush to transport electric coal to ensure hot summer power supply

Guangxi coastal railway rush to transport electric coal to ensure hot summer power supply

Since June, the heat wave has swept the country, and the continuous hot weather in guangxi has increased the demand for electricity for production and residents, and the power transportation of coal at beibu bay port has shown a strong momentum, the voice of China's central radio news reported.The hengzhou power plant, one of the main thermal power plants in guangxi, has seen its daily coal consumption soar from 6,000 tons to nearly 10,000 tons due to the hot weather, an increase of more than 50% year-on-year.To meet the demand for electricity in the middle of summer, the plant transports coal from Indonesia, Australia and other countries, as well as guizhou and hunan provinces through ports in beibu gulf.

Since almost all the electric coal needed by hengzhou power plant is transported by railway, guangxi coastal railway company scientifically allocates the transportation capacity, strengthens the cooperation between road and port, opens up the "green channel" of electric coal transportation, and relieves the pressure of power plant using coal to generate electricity.From July to August 11, a total of 1.25 million tons of thermal coal were rushed to transport, a year-on-year increase of 65%.

For Australian coal concentrated customs clearance, 80% of coal pile system outside the yard, the coastal railway company's coal transport assault battle, communication and negotiation, and fangcheng port terminal company jointly formulated and signed in July assault, terminal company cleared within the six systems of ground coal stockpiling shipment demand, timely stop shipping operation, daily schedule 45 and above whilst car turn heap operations, ensure every turn heap of not less than 10 columns, cracked coal shipments difficult problem.

At the same time, the company optimizes the transportation organization, insists on analyzing the organization of coal transportation sources and the request for vehicle cash at the daily transportation and production handover, organizes special personnel to collect the production data of various power plants, and timely grasps the daily coal storage and coal consumption information of the power plant;Arrange cadres and workers to enter the port every day, follow up the reality of coal transport organization, shifting, loading and unloading, monitor the operation organization and operation time in real time, and control the loading quality from the source;Close contact with dispatching department, scientific deployment of vehicles, shorten empty vehicle positioning and heavy vehicle loading time, speed up vehicle turnover, improve loading efficiency;Work closely with the inspection department to improve the technical inspection efficiency of coal vehicles and ensure the safe operation of all coal vehicles.

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