Healthy breathing, you need activated charcoal mask

      Activated carbon mask is a mask that uses activated carbon as a filter material. Its adsorption capacity is very strong. It can adsorb harmful gases, liquids or impurities in the air on the surface of the activated carbon mask, but it has no protection against viral infections. Activated carbon masks can be divided into different types according to their shapes, materials and processes. Applicable to electronic manufacturing, dust-free workshops, catering services, food processing, schools, spray processing, stamping hardware, electroplating, chemicals, steel, electric welding sites, health centers, hospitals, beauty, pharmaceuticals, factories, construction sites, mines Field, clean environment, public places and many others.

    Activated Carbon 3mm

  There are four layers of activated carbon masks, which are divided into PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon fabric (which can filter and purify odors), high-efficiency filter fabric (this is an electrostatically processed filter layer, which can effectively prevent the intrusion of bacteria and dust), non-woven cloth.

Outer layer non-woven fabric: it can filter the particulate matter larger than 10um in the air, and play a role in preventing moisture;

Mid-layer high-efficiency activated carbon cloth: It can absorb various industrial waste gases and decompose toxic gases, with long-lasting effect and not easy to saturate;

Middle layer super strong filter paper: can effectively block the micro particles in the air less than 2.5um, dustproof, bacteria filtering effect is good;

Inner super soft non-woven fabric: it has special effects such as acid resistance, alkali resistance, bacteria filtration, skin-friendly, etc. It is comfortable to wear and non-allergenic.

Two ear straps: Mainly fixed on the face.

Nose bridge: mainly for shaping.

Face arc-shaped reserved layer: it can be formed by pulling it apart to make the mask arc not to touch or directly stick to the face.


Activated carbon mask performance

1. Anti-virus, deodorization, filter bacteria, dust resistance and other effects. Especially suitable for occasions containing organic gases, acid volatiles, pesticides, SO2, Cl2 and other exciting gases, the anti-toxic and deodorant effect is remarkable.

2. It can effectively prevent the flying dust below 5µm and various germs transmitted by the respiratory tract, which are not effective for ordinary masks.

3. Activated carbon masks can effectively block harmful gases such as benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, odor, malodor and other harmful gases in the air to protect human health. They are more powerful and absorbent than ordinary ordinary masks. The filtering function for harmful gases and liquids is 30 times that of ordinary masks.

4. The activated carbon steel fiber filter is really installed in the mask, which can effectively intercept harmful substances in a highly polluted environment, improve suction and quality; at the same time, the breathing resistance of the mask is very small. With the protection of the activated carbon layer, it is also safe to use.

5. It has a unique appearance design, which can bend the nose clip to ensure the best adhesion between the mask and the face.

6. Foldable, easy to store, light weight, easy to carry.

7. Economical and durable, reusable and healthy.

But activated carbon has little protection against fine particles. Activated carbon masks can also make breathing difficult, and prolonged use can easily lead to hypoxia.


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