How to use carburant

Recarburizers have been well used in casting. Semi-graphite recarburizers are also often used in casting, but they often fail to achieve the expected results in use. Many technicians will complain that the purchased semi-graphite recarburizers do not meet the standards In fact, it is still not used correctly, so if you want to ensure the use effect of the semi-graphite carburizing agent for casting, you need this use effect to be better!

When using semi-graphite recarburizer, it should be purchased according to the furnace used in casting. Choose the semi-graphite recarburizer suitable for your own casting furnace so that its use effect can be guaranteed.


In terms of the content index of semi-graphite carburizers, the moisture should be strictly required. Before purchasing, the moisture should be tested first. Do not blindly purchase semi-graphite carburizers from the public, but should choose semi-graphite carburizers with low sulfur and nitrogen The carbon agent reduces the moisture content of harmful substances to ensure the quality of cast iron parts.

Through the above explanations, we should use the semi-graphite carburizing agent correctly during casting. Before purchasing, the purchased semi-graphite carburizing agent should be strictly required, and different levels of semi-graphite carburizing agent should be selected according to their own furnace conditions. , In order to make the use effect better!

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