Ferrosilicon holds its own against the weak market.

      Today's market conditions have changed little, and the transaction situation is like a cold alley in the rainy weather. The market is mostly watchers. At present, the mainstream price of ferrosilicon 72# market is still stable at 5650-5700 yuan / ton, the actual transaction price in some areas is still relatively low, there are always poor manufacturers in the end of the month, there are always manufacturers lack of money, there is no way to sell at a reduced price The transaction was promoted, but the steel move has just begun, and it is expected that the low-priced supply will exist soon, and the manufacturers will enter the production of the order.

      At present, there is a high inventory of ferrosilicon, and there are not many areas where production and production are actually reduced. Don't forget that there are still a lot of ferrosilicon in the delivery warehouse. The original transaction situation was not ideal, and the production was quite positive. The overproduction was not just the current weak situation. Nearly two months of supply and demand tug of war, the market mentality is not very optimistic, the purchase side repeatedly price, the manufacturers profit fell and then fell, but the manufacturers are so hard, even if there is no profit, we must take pressure to go forward, Ladullah does not come back.

     The overall demand at the demand side is considerable, but most of it is digested by steel mills. Steel mills also perform more positively in production, and the demand for ferrosilicon is acceptable. However, the demand for magnesium, export and casting is quite different from the demand of the steel market. The long-term stability of the magnesium city has been recognized by the industry. The demand for ferrosilicon in the near future is also tepid; the export is competitive in the current economic environment. Fierce, the export volume has decreased; the foundry industry has been shut down due to the industry's inefficiency, the demand for ferrosilicon has been greatly reduced, and the enthusiasm of traders is not high.

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