Linfen to the city's coal coking station for classification and disposal

Linfen municipal bureau of ecology recently issued a notice, according to the municipal energy bureau, the municipal bureau of ecology and environment joint inspection, the city's coal coking station classification disposal.

For the delivery stations that have promised to stop the coal and coke delivery business, the governments of all counties (cities and districts) shall organize the departments of energy, market supervision and ecological environment sub-bureaus to consult with each other, change the business scope of enterprises, explicitly prohibit the delivery of coal and coke and other bulk materials, and strengthen supervision to prevent enterprises from operating beyond the scope.

The governments of all counties (cities and districts) should organize the departments of energy and ecological environment to check and accept the coking stations that have basically completed the renovation task. After the enterprises have passed the check and accept the stations, they can ship them normally on the premise of implementing the control measures for heavy pollution weather.

For the coking coal delivery station undergoing renovation, there are multiple platforms in the enterprise, and the platforms that have completed the treatment and passed the acceptance inspection can be delivered normally on the premise of implementing the control measures of heavy pollution weather;The platform that did not complete management stops production to rectify, before completing management to pass check and accept, must not implement deliver.

To exceed deadline the enterprise that did not complete management and platform, carry out stop production to rectify according to the requirement, each county (city, district) government is responsible for supervise to carry out, railroad branch stops at the same time dispatch plan.To refuse to stop production to rectify the illegal operation of the station, the county (city, district) government should organize relevant departments to take compulsory measures according to law.

Linfen municipal bureau of energy and municipal bureau of ecological environment will step up follow-up and supervision efforts to ensure the standardized operation and management of the coal coking station.

And involved in the disposal of coke shipping enterprises a total of 27.

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