Mongolian coal exports to China fell slightly year-on-year!

Mongolia's coal exports to China fell slightly in the first six months of this year from a year earlier, according to the latest data released by the general administration of customs of Mongolia (MCGA).Customs data show that Mongolia exported 17.6575 million tons of coal to China from January to June, down 0.77% from 17.7954 million tons a year earlier.

  South African customs data show that in May 2019, the export volume of South Africa's Richards bay coal terminal (RBCT) increased month on month.In may, Richards bay coal terminal exported 6.7559 million tons of coal, up 14.61% from 5.8948 million tons a year earlier and up 7.97% from 6.2573 million tons in April, according to the data.

  A large fire broke out at a high-pressure natural gas station of the no. 27 thermal power station in Moscow, Russia, Sunday, with flames rising 50 meters.Several hours after the rescue, the fire was successfully put out in the early hours of the 12th.One person was killed and 13 injured, according to the ministry of emergency situations.

Thermal coal market: the recent rainy, low temperature, power plant daily consumption is slow to get up, market sentiment depressed, low price hovering.The current demand side shows greater weakness, leading to weak demand taking over.In the later stage, we need to see the demand to support and push up the price. In the short term, the support is not big and the price is expected to be weak.In terms of imported coal, Australian coal counteroffer price is gradually lower, Australian coal (CV5500) quoted about usd FOB54, there is no new transaction of Indonesian coal in the market, the mine price is stable, (CV3800) quoted small boat FOB36.

Bicoke market: for some high-sulfur coal with low cost performance and some coking coal resources, due to inventory pressure and coke enterprises' continuous demand for price reduction, the price has been reduced in recent days, including 1/3 (S0.5) factory tax at 1280-1320 yuan/ton or so, short-term coking coal market due to different types of coal performance.Coke, coke after 300 yuan/ton, the mainstream market temporarily stable, coke enterprises in the early over-fall resources have 30-50 yuan/ton to increase the situation.

In addition, according to market information, some coke enterprises in linfen area have entered the loss state due to increased environmental protection and increased production cost, and the coke price has increased by 100 yuan/ton since 13th.

According to the data, on July 12, 2019, six major coastal power stocks totaled 18.353 million tons, with daily consumption of 607 million tons, and the days of coal storage were 30.2 days.

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