More than 400,000 tons of coal in Colombia will arrive in Ukraine

Recently, Ukraine's largest energy company DTEK Energy Holdings announced that in the next few months, the company will import coal from its new trading partner Colombia, the total is expected to exceed 400,000 tons.

According to industry sources, on August 13, this year, the first batch of Colombian coal arrived at the Ukrainian port, and the next batch is expected to arrive on September 3.

Previously, most of the Ukrainian imports of coal came from Russia, the United States, South Africa and Kazakhstan, and Colombia was a new trade route. 

According to official Ukrainian customs data, more than 60% of the country's imported coal comes from Russia, and about 33.5% comes from the United States.

According to Maksym Tymchenko, general manager of DTEK, the Colombian company has signed a supply contract with the company for 300,000 tons of thermal coal and 100,000 tons of anthracite. In the future, Ukraine will continue to seek more sources of coal supply.

In fact, as a major coal producer, Ukraine has basically lost all anthracite coal mines after 2014. 

According to statistics, the thermal coal inventories of coal-fired power plants in Ukraine fell by 46% year-on-year in August this year. 

To this end, the Ukrainian government is actively promoting coal imports, ensuring coal supply during peak hours, and plans to extend the time limit for Ukrainian companies to import coal.

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