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  • National Energy Group completes the nation's first unmanned coal port operation

National Energy Group completes the nation's first unmanned coal port operation

Huanghua port company of national energy group is a professional energy port mainly for coal, mainly responsible for coal transportation in water and out of water, and it is also the port with the shortest distance of coal transportation from shaanxi and Inner Mongolia. Since 1998, the national energy group has built 17 coal berths, two general cargo berths and one oil berth here.In 2018, the port's throughput exceeded 200 million tons. In recent years, with the wide application of automatic control system, many container ports in China have realized full automation, but the automation of coal ports is facing many problems. Take the coal terminal as an example, the operating environment on site has many "variables" : the main cargo of the terminal is loose coal, rather than standardized containers;There are various types of ships to and from the port, so the matching problem should be considered when loading.The precise movement of the big arm of the loading machine requires more accuracy, and equipment collision is easy to occur due to improper operation. In order to improve operation efficiency and move toward intelligent port construction, the national energy group has taken the initiative to explore and carry out intelligent transformation research on the whole process of turning, piling, taking and loading. In 2016, huanghua port established a science and technology research and development team to carry out special research on the automation and intelligent operation of coal ports.After more than three years hard work, finally explored a set of integrated visualization system, monitoring and early warning system, emergency disposal system of remote control scheme of the shipment, get through the last link of wharf unmanned operation, become the first realize remote operation of the whole process of coal port, but also for China's future coal ports and bulk cargo port construction to provide "smart solutions". In the past, China's most modern coal ports were also semi-automated, with many operations requiring manual labor, such as the back-and-forth, takeoff and landing operations of the stacker depending on the size of the stack. As the remote operating system of huanghua port is fully put into use, the staff only need to send an instruction to the operating system, and the system will control the machine to automatically complete the forward and backward movement to find the operation point, landing and other actions, which not only saves manpower and time, but also reduces the probability of human error to the greatest extentAccording to the dock staff, before the automated system is put into operation, two workers need to operate a single machine.Now, two staff members can control seven separate machines at the same time, greatly improving work efficiency. The operation of the remote operating system has given huanghua port prominent advantages in terms of loading and unloading efficiency, safety management and intelligent construction, and China's coal ports have entered a new era of intelligence.

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