Pangang Special Steel Export Order has exceeded 2018

According to the China Metallurgical News, since 2019, the export volume of Pantech has increased significantly. As of now, the contracted volume has increased by 50% year-on-year, exceeding the total export volume of last year. Among them, the export contract volume of flat steel products has reached the best level in history.

It is understood that the global machinery manufacturing industry is developing in the direction of high speed, precision, compound, intelligent and environmental protection. High-speed cutting equipment is widely used in global automobile manufacturing, aerospace and energy transportation. 

M2 flat steel produced by Panchang has high hardness and good wear resistance and can be used to make high-speed cutting equipment.

A few days ago, Angang International Trade Panzhihua Co., Ltd. and Panchangte received an email from a Korean customer. 

The mail expressed his heartfelt gratitude to Panther for his efforts to guarantee the M2 flat steel contract, and said that he would further cooperate with Panther.

On August 10, Panther received the M2 flat steel contract transferred from Anshan Iron and Steel International Trade Co., Ltd., and the products involved in this contract are urgently needed products from Korean customers. 

The flat steel operation area of the Panchang special rolling mill responsible for the production of this product was immediately planned for production. On August 14, the contract product was rolled and shipped on the 28th. 

The long-term operation of the flat steel operation area said that the normal delivery time of the M2 flat steel in the special steel industry is 40 to 50 days, and the delivery is less than 20 days, and the delivery speed is the fastest in the world. 

In recent years, Panchang has firmly established a customer-centered concept, in accordance with the work plan for creating the best factory, combined with lean production management requirements, promoted production project management for key customers, and strengthened coordination with Angang International Trade Panzhihua Co., Ltd. 

The various needs of customers have enhanced the confidence of customers and Panchang's long-term cooperation.

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