Points to note when choosing a carburant

Adding the carburizer to the metal smelting furnace, that is, using high-quality carburizer, can make good castings with poor scrap steel. Therefore, everyone should be cautious in the selection of carburant. Note the following:

1.The material of the graphitized carburizer after high temperature treatment is better. If it is not tested, you can feel it, look at it, and draw good marks on the paper.

2.Try to choose high-temperature graphitized carbon raiser. Because a good recarburizer has a higher absorption rate and a faster dissolution rate, it is helpful to reduce energy consumption, and it can effectively increase the core of molten iron nucleation and improve metallurgical quality; choose a recarburizer with lower impurity elements such as sulfur and nitrogen .

3.The carbon content of the carbon raiser with high sulfur content is also high. When the nitrogen content of the gray iron liquid iron is higher than the equilibrium concentration, it is easy to produce crack-like nitrogen pores. When the content is high, the tendency of slag inclusion in casting is increased.

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