Scrap steel plus carbon - adding agent to smelt ductile iron to make up

Coke prices rising environmental factors and user to the casting quality requirements more and more higher, the influence of cupola and electric furnace in many places have replaced rising because of the price of pig iron, steel scrap in society precipitation remaining quantity and low price, more so in recent years a wide range of use method of scrap steel increase carbon agent production of ductile iron and gray iron if operation correctly, not only can improve the comprehensive physical properties of the casting quality, but also reduces the production cost.

Use scrap plus recarburizer synthesis cast iron production, because of the low inclusion content of steel scrap, stable composition, increase carbon agent after high temperature melting, eliminates the burden of transmissibility, the purity of iron liquid was improved, and inoculation effects of carburant, prompting graphitizing effect is more stable, casting matrix was grain will be more evenly, so produce the casting material toughness and strength are improved.

Scrap melting point higher than cast iron, carburant higher melting point, after the scrap steel in the process of melting and melt, carburant heated slow dissolution and diffusion, carburant carbon can be absorbed by the molten steel erosion gradually into molten iron, molten steel cast iron is often referred to as synthesis Due to the high scrap melting temperature, liquid steel into the overheating temperature of iron liquid after often goes high At high temperature, the carbon in molten iron is easy to be oxidized to CO, so some people think that carbon is a kind of gas in the liquid iron to form element CO solubility in the liquid iron, rarely formed after the release in the atmosphere near the liquid surfaceIn the production practice, we will find that when the high-temperature steel liquid is poured into the ladle, there will be radiative sparks flying out of the ladle (commonly known as thistle flower), which may be the carbon release phenomenon due to high temperature oxidation.

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