Rizhao Port: Coke Transportation Thousand Miles

On July 17, in the Shijiu Port Area of Rizhao Port, a 50-cylinder car loaded with coke was slowly driven along the Xinhexi Railway to the marine container reloading area. 

These cokes will be directly loaded into shipping containers through the “disassembled” professional packing platform without landing, and then sent to a steel company in southern China.

The coke containerized transportation business launched by Rizhao Port puts coke in a closed container transportation. What is the effect?

An iron steel company’s troubles

The coke required by Sanbao Iron and Steel Group in Zhangzhou, Fujian Province is transported from Rizhao Port all the year round. 

Previously, the deputy general manager of the company, Su Jingfa, was suffering from the loss of coke in transportation. 

The coke purchased by the company from Qinghai and other places needs to be transported by rail to Rizhao Port, then shipped to Fujian, and then to the port of Zhangzhou, and then transported to the coke yard of the company through belt conveyors and cars.

According to Su Jingfa, the loading of goods from the coking plant to the unloading of the enterprise yard requires multiple loading and unloading and transshipment. Coke is also a vulnerable type of bulk bulk cargo. Each loading and unloading will increase the cargo slag, and loading and unloading 

The large amount of dust generated can also pollute the surrounding environment. 

In addition, the traditional bulk cargo loading and unloading and transportation are highly susceptible to weather, and the problem of insufficient quality of the goods due to excessive evaporation of the water or excessive moisture content affects the quality of the goods.

The coke containerized transportation business launched by Rizhao Port has relieved Su Jingfa’s troubles. 

“The coke is transported into a closed container. Only the replacement of the coke is required in the whole transportation process. Not only the loss of the goods is reduced, but also the environmental problems and the problems of the storage of the goods are solved. 

Not only can coke be able to realize container transportation, Rizhao Port has innovated the “Dangguang” automatic packaging equipment independently developed by Xiao Chenguang, a worker of Rizhao Port Container Development Co., Ltd., which can independently produce grain, fertilizer and rolls. 

Steel, slag powder and other bulk cargo into the box, can also achieve soybean, iron ore, wood chip container shipping package shipping. 

The loading efficiency of railway containers to marine containers has been increased from the original 20-30 minutes/carton to an average of 10 minutes/carton.

In-depth supply of hinterland wide dry port

The bulk of the bulk cargo is transported in containers. The benefits are obvious, but the logistics cost is high. How to promote it? Zhang Jianbo, the party branch secretary and manager of the market development department of Rizhao Port Container Development Co., Ltd., calculated the account: Coke from port screening to loading 

There is a five-time reloading process from the ship to the destination port. The steel mill discharges the coke warehouse through the belt conveyor and there are 6-7 transfers. In this process, about 13% of the coke is broken into coke and coke. 


After the container is transported, the crushing and the loss are almost zero, which is equivalent to indirectly saving the logistics cost.

In order to enlarge and strengthen the containerized transportation business, Rizhao Port took the initiative to go out in the form of a promotion meeting, and spread the dry port to the hinterland of the two thousand-kilometer railways directly to the Rizhao Port and Rizhao Port of Rizhao Port. 

Transportation business.

"The traditional domestic container terminal market development is mainly around the hinterland of export sources. In fact, the hinterland of imported goods is equally important, and the balance of imports and exports means that logistics costs are reduced and port competitiveness is improved." Party Secretary and General Manager of Rizhao Port Container Development Co., Ltd. 

Manager Zhao Bo said.

On June 28th, the “South to North to Rizhao Port” container business promotion meeting entered the ancient Silk Road starting point in Xi'an. 

More than 300 customers from the Midwest region gathered to conduct in-depth exchanges on the entire supply chain container integration service. 

This is the fifth business promotion event carried out by Rizhao Port since December last year. 

It starts from Yingkou in the north, goes to Guangzhou in the south, and goes to Xi'an in the west to build a new logistics channel.

At present, Rizhao Port has laid out a number of “inland dry ports” to further extend port services and become the preferred import and export shore for customers in Linyi, Jining, Heze, Liaocheng and the hinterland of northern Jiangsu, Henan and Shanxi.

Container automation boosts port transformation

In May of this year, the first phase of the Rizhao Port Container Automation Yard was officially opened, and the first seamless connection between the traditional yard and the automated yard was achieved in the country. 

“After the automation yard was commissioned, the delivery time was greatly shortened. It used to be one hour off in the morning and evening. Now it is 24 hours a day, and it is almost free from the weather. It is fast and safe.” 

Truck driver Sun Gang said.

In the 120,000 square meter container automation yard, 8 automated track cranes shuttled back and forth, keeping the container code of the unloading ship in order. 

This is the first double cantilever automation yard in China with large-scale construction and parallel shoreline layout. 

“Compared with the traditional container yard operation mode, the automated yard can save labor costs by 70% and double the loading and unloading efficiency.” Hu Jilong, deputy manager of the Engineering Technology Center of Rizhao Port Container Development Co., told the reporter.

With the optimization of the container collection and distribution system, the south-to-north route network is improving day by day, the rapid layout of railway trains, the high integration of the fleet logistics ecosystem, and the soundness of supporting services such as demolition and storage of the station. 

Rizhao Port has formed a new pattern of multi-level, multi-functional, water-land three-dimensional container transportation network.

As a transporter of the container business, the container liner company has continued to increase its capacity for Rizhao Port. 

"In recent years, Rizhao Port's domestic trade container business has grown rapidly. Our container liner companies are willing to increase the number of ships and intensive schedules for Rizhao Port, and there is no need to worry about returning empty containers after the full container arrives in Hong Kong." 

Hu Shanguo said.

Rizhao Port has newly developed domestic trade since the establishment of the "China Coastal Domestic Trade Container Hub Port, Foreign Trade Near-East Port, Hong Kong Branch Port and the National 'One Belt, One Road' container road, railway and waterway multimodal bridgehead." 

4 routes. 

On March 28th, the “Qilu” Rizhao to Nur Sultan Central Asia International Container Line was launched from Rizhao Port, covering the main sites of Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.

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