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  • Shanxi Province orders 27 coal mines to suspend production for rectification

Shanxi Province orders 27 coal mines to suspend production for rectification

The Emergency Management Department of Shanxi Province, in accordance with the national and provincial requirements for the deployment of safe production video conferences, deeply learned the lessons of recent coal mine accidents, in response to the current outstanding problems in coal mine safety production, strengthened the inspection of law enforcement, and for coal mines with major hidden dangers and illegal activities, All production and construction will be suspended, all personnel will be on guard, all will be scored, all listed and supervised, and all will be publicly exposed.

On November 22, the Shanxi Provincial Emergency Management Department sent 10 inspection teams to carry out coal mine safety inspections in a “four, no two, straight” manner, and severely cracked down on coal mine illegal activities.

As of the end of November, 10 inspection teams inspected a total of 35 coal mines, investigated and dealt with 875 general hidden dangers and 52 major hidden dangers, ordered 27 coal mines to suspend production for rectification, and fined 29.09 million yuan; 33 miners were examined and scored, including 8 The mine manager's score reached 12 points at one time, and he was ordered to immediately leave the post of mine manager and not be allowed to serve as the mine manager for 3 years.

According to the arrangements made by the Security Council of the State Council and the provincial government, Shanxi Province is currently focusing on hazardous chemicals and coal mines to centralize the rectification of safety production in various industries and fields, and truly solve the problem before the disaster begins.

Treating patients with iron, treating iron with the root cause, and eliminating the chronic ills of safety in production, have truly formed the normal working conditions of strict management, strict management, and strict management to ensure a stable production situation in the province.

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