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  • State Administration of Coal Mine Safety Supervises and Examines 8 Coal-Producing Areas and 3 Coal Enterprises

State Administration of Coal Mine Safety Supervises and Examines 8 Coal-Producing Areas and 3 Coal Enterprises

At the same time, in order to supervise and promote the centralized control of coal mine safety in key areas and key enterprises, the State Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau dispatched six supervisory working groups led by leaders and cadres who were responsible for Jinzhong City, Shuozhou City, and Guizhou Province, respectively. Liupanshui City, Bijie City, Yunnan Province, Qujing City, Yunnan Province, Qitaihe City, Heilongjiang Province, Loudi City, Hunan Province, Weinan City, Shaanxi Province, and Long Coal Group, Shaanxi Coal Chemical Group, Sichuan Coal Group, and Furong Company The enterprise conducts supervision and inspection.

The main purpose of this supervision and inspection is to promote the strict standards of all regions, supervision and supervision departments and coal mining enterprises, and strictly require the organization to carry out centralized coal mine safety rectification, practically solve the rectification, implement prevention and mitigation of major safety risks, and have insufficient political responsibility to establish new development concepts. Weaknesses, inadequate implementation of production safety responsibilities, inadequate and incomplete investigation of hidden dangers, inadequate thoroughness and ineffectiveness in cracking down on illegal and illegal activities, and other problems have reversed the current passive situation of safe production in coal mines, and truly adopted centralized rectification as a way to prevent and control major safety risks and eliminate them. Major hidden dangers, an important means to eliminate and withdraw from backward production capacity, and effectively prevent and contain major coal mine accidents.

The supervision and inspection is divided into 5 stages and lasts for 11 months, covering the three levels of local government and coal mine safety supervision department, coal mine enterprise and resident coal supervision agency. At the level of local government and coal mine safety supervision departments, it is mainly to supervise and promote the implementation of centralized rectification work, focusing on the supervision and implementation of the implementation of centralized rectification programs, the implementation of tiered territorial supervision responsibilities, strict supervision of law enforcement punishment, demonstration guidance and warning education At the level of coal mine enterprises, mainly through spot checks to understand the situation of centralized rectification work, promote the implementation of rectification, focus on the 10 aspects of the requirements of the supervision and inspection notice, focus on the rectification content, self-inspection and self-reformation of the enterprise, and the establishment and improvement of the safety production management system At the level of the resident coal supervision agency, the main focus is to urge the improvement of the effectiveness of supervision and law enforcement and the promotion of local coal mine production safety. The key is to supervise the analysis and judgment of major safety risks in coal mines, administrative penalties in accordance with the law, and fragmentation and guidance to local governments. Situation, etc.

At present, six supervision and inspection teams have been stationed in various places, and members of the leadership team of the State Administration of Coal Mine Safety have held a local coal mine safety rectification deployment mobilization meeting to carry out safety inspections at the grassroots level and promote the orderly development of coal mine safety centralized rectification work. Ensure the safety and stability of coal mines at the end of the year and at the beginning of the year.

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