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  • State coal regulatory administration: completed special inspection of high-risk coal mines by the end of June

State coal regulatory administration: completed special inspection of high-risk coal mines by the end of June

The state administration of coal mine safety held the second press conference of 2019 in the press release hall of the publicity and education center of the emergency management department to report the related situation of coal mine safety supervision, supervision and law enforcement throughout the country since the beginning of this year.The "physical examination" of safety in high-risk coal mines, the safety demonstration of 38 mines with a depth of more than 1,000 meters, the special inspection of law enforcement for coal mine safety, and the implementation of the "three systems" of administrative law enforcement in the coal supervision system.

In order to promote coal mine safety supervision, supervision and law enforcement, the state administration of coal mine safety will adopt the following measures:

The first is to adhere to the problem-oriented, ensure that high-risk coal mine safety "physical examination" and coal mine safety production special law enforcement inspection results.We will make overall efforts to ensure that high-risk coal mine safety "physical examinations" and special law enforcement inspections for coal mine production safety are carried out, so as to not only identify dead spots, close loopholes, prevent risks and remove hidden dangers, but also prevent repeated inspections and repeated law enforcement, ensuring that tasks are completed with high quality by the end of June.

The second is to find major hidden dangers, in a timely manner to the local government to supervise the implementation of the rectification, to ensure that special law enforcement inspection results.

Third, we will intensify efforts to fight illegal activities and address violations, and severely crack down on illegal activities such as "five false or more than three concealers and three non-practitioners".We will urge coal mine safety regulatory authorities at all levels to make good use of the platform of the safety committee, and establish working mechanisms such as regular consultation and joint law enforcement with the coal industry management and coal mine safety supervision departments, so as to form joint efforts in fighting illegal activities and preventing violations.In light of the problems exposed by the accident, the investigation of law enforcement, and the problems found in secret visits, the focus of the work of "fighting illegal activities and dealing with illegal violations" at different periods in the jurisdiction was clarified.We will make good use of security reporting, standardization and demotion, joint punishment, blacklisting, and public exposure to make illegal offenders pay a heavy price.

Third, we will strictly regulate law enforcement and further improve the effectiveness of supervision, supervision and law enforcement.Any illegal act found in the inspection shall be dealt with and punished seriously according to law and regulations.For coal mines that do not meet the conditions for safe production, especially for coal mines with shock pressure of less than 300,000 tons/year, prominent coal mines and small coal mines with annual output of less than 90,000 tons/year, they shall be ordered to stop production for rectification according to law.Coal mining enterprises with major hidden dangers and serious violations of laws and regulations will be investigated for their liability, and will be held to account in accordance with the law.We need to strengthen supervision over law enforcement, establish and implement mechanisms for supervision over law enforcement, conduct regular supervision and inspection of law enforcement and review of administrative law enforcement, and promptly correct problems found.

Fourth, in view of the new situation of safety supervision since the reform of the institution, further strengthen the implementation of the responsibility of safety supervision in coal mines.Press in the process of institutional reform, should earnestly implement the relevant provisions, adhere to the party and government with responsibility and accountability for a pair of responsibilities, manages concertedly, dereliction of duty, local party committees and governments to implement the principal person in charge of production safety responsibility, complete with strong match the job with the regulatory power, to ensure that the work is not out of line, continuous line, not idling.We must strictly implement the responsibility for supervision at different levels of prefecture-level coal mines, scientifically determine the list of coal mines under the supervision of provincial, municipal and county level coal mine safety supervision departments, and define the direct supervision bodies of each coal mine.We should earnestly implement the requirements of the notice of the general office of the state council on strengthening the supervision and law enforcement of work safety and the opinions of the state administration of coal mine safety on standardizing the supervision and law enforcement of coal mine safety, strengthen and standardize the supervision and law enforcement of coal mine safety, and ensure the implementation of the central government's decisions and arrangements.

Fifth, take targeted measures to strengthen safety production in coal mines in flood season.Country will hold the video this week, specially the deployment of flood season production safety work, supervise to the coal mine "three anti" rainy season around early plan, early deployment, early prevention, comprehensive flood hidden perils in safety, analysis of rainstorm, flood and so on to the coal mine production safety risks, improve the emergency plans, strengthening emergency drills, found water sign, extreme weather may cause flooding well when a great danger, such as active production from people.We will strengthen emergency response duties, strictly implement the system of leading cadres on duty, the 24-hour on-duty system for key posts, and the system of reporting emergency information, and improve the level of emergency management and emergency response capacity.We will strengthen emergency coordination with departments of meteorology and water conservancy, improve coordination mechanisms, promptly remind coal mining enterprises to do a good job in flood control, step up supervision and supervision of key areas and mines, and strictly prevent accidents caused by natural disasters.

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