The 16th China Ferroalloys Conference

Sponsored by China Minmetals Chemicals Import and Export Chamber of Commerce, China Ferroalloys Network, China Ferroalloy Industry Association, Guangxi Ferroalloy Industry Association, Shandong Yuming Energy Co., Ltd., Guangxi Jinmeng Manganese Industry, Baise Bibi Mining, Oriental Resources (Qinzhou), The 16th China Ferroalloy International Conference, jointly sponsored and sponsored by Guangxi Manganhua Technology, Stellar Manganese Industry, Hongyuan Logistics, Lingshan Yongsheng, Anhui Tianshun Environmental Protection and Tianjin Meilian, was held at the Wharton Hotel in Nanning:

The theme of this session is:

1. The impact of macroeconomic policy trends on the industry; 2. The development trend of the steel industry; 3. The demand and supply judgment of manganese ore and chrome ore; 4. The prospect of raw materials such as ferroalloys and coke.

    Opportunities and challenges facing the development of the steel and ferroalloy industry in 2019; how the impact of tariff adjustment on the ferroalloy industry, the trend of the spot market, whether new supply of raw materials (manganese ore and chrome ore) can be changed, and changes in ferroalloy futures investment to the spot market Whether the impact and environmental protection investigation will continue to affect the production of steel, ferroalloy and other raw materials is still a hot topic in the industry conference.

   The "China Ferroalloy International Conference" has always been an important platform for Chinese and foreign people to understand the direction of China's ferroalloy industry, market trends and market performance. The meeting invited experts, officials and scholars from all walks of life to comprehensively interpret and forecast the macro-policy trend in 2019, the situation of steel production and sales, and the future of the alloy industry. The content is rich and diverse, which helps the participants to develop ideas and learn from each other, which is conducive to the industry and enterprises to cope with challenges and develop steadily.

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