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  • The green development of the coal industry should be driven from five aspects

The green development of the coal industry should be driven from five aspects

Recently, the central economic work conference, to the economic situation in 2020 "China's economic stability good, long-term basic trend has not changed for the better," the judge, and made a "play three big battle" and "speed up the construction of modern economic system" and so on a series of major deployment, should play the blue sky, clear water, pure land battle.This has a significant impact on the development of the coal industry, the core of which is to promote the coal industry to change the traditional development mode, adapt to the new era of high-quality development requirements, and unswervingly implement the coal industry green development strategy.

The production process of coal mines deals with nature.This characteristic decides coal mine production to bring effect to ecosystem environment inevitably.As long as coal mines are in production, they will inevitably face environmental problems.What's more, the new era attaches greater importance to ecological and environmental protection and has more stringent legal restrictions.In the future, the construction of ecological civilization is a millennium plan for the sustainable development of the Chinese nation.We need to make use of scientific and technological innovation and management innovation measures, continue to promote the transformation of coal production, washing, processing and coal consumption, and make coal cleaner and low-carbon.The construction of mining areas should take green development as the main line, implement the development strategy of "ecological industrialization and industrial ecology", comprehensively implement the green production mode of resource saving, circular development, clean production, low-carbon and efficient, coordinate the construction of mining areas' ecological system, and do a good job in regional ecological environment protection.Specific efforts should be made from five aspects:

First, we will implement smart ecological management and control.We will standardize the standards for ecological and environmental protection, define the boundary between government and enterprise responsibility for ecological and environmental protection, and improve the management mechanism for ecological and environmental protection in mining areas by means of information technology.

The second is to protect and utilize groundwater resources in mining areas.Underground mine drainage should be treated and recycled intelligently, dredged water should be rationally used and discharged in accordance with standards, and "three wastes" should be reduced, classified, stored safely and comprehensively utilized appropriately, so as to protect and improve the surface ecological environment.

Third, we will carry out major ecosystem protection and restoration projects.Make scientific plans for land reclamation and control of coal mining subsidence areas, and effectively curb and control ecological degradation, environmental pollution, surface subsidence and other prominent problems in mining areas.

Fourth, the construction of goaf intelligent filling system.On the basis of underground mining, selection and filling intelligent green development system, the underground mining, digging, machine, transportation and communication comprehensive intelligent and material connection system is built to directly fill in the goaf with the waste from underground mining and washing to reduce the damage of coal mining to the surface.

Fifth, we must combine ecological and environmental governance with rational development and utilization.To innovation and development as the leading, overall planning, make full use of the stock of mining area resources and geographical and cultural conditions, "waste" and "stock for incremental", comprehensive exploitation and environmental protection industry, photovoltaic power generation, and modern agriculture planting, breeding, culture, tourism and so on, to achieve orderly development of mineral resources and ecological environment coordinated development of benign protection.

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