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What should be paid attention to when purchasing petroleum coke carbonizer?

When purchasing, people always consider price first, and quality second. This is a subconscious purchase performance. Casting has always been an industry that uses a large amount of carburizers. As a star product in the casting industry, "petroleum coke carburizers" "The purchase volume cannot be underestimated. The main functions of the petroleum coke carburizer are to increase the furnace temperature, adjust the carbon content in the molten iron, promote the formation of graphitization and promote the growth of the number of eutectic pellets, which can effectively improve the quality of castings. It can be said that the quality of petroleum recarburizers determines the quality of the final castings. Therefore, many foundries are particularly attentive in purchasing petroleum coke recarburizers, so what should be paid attention to when purchasing petroleum coke recarburizers, don't worry about the price first!


In simple terms, we should understand the content indicators required for casting and achieve targeted purchases. When purchasing petroleum coke carbonizers, attention should also be paid to their particle size, color, effect, etc. On the other hand, if there are conditions You should also understand the quality of the raw materials for petroleum coke carburizers. For example, graphitized petroleum coke carburizers generally use high-quality natural graphite. Under high temperature conditions, the arrangement of carbon atoms is in the form of graphite micrographs. The advantage is that graphitization can reduce the content of impurities in the carburizer, increase the carbon content of the carburizer, and reduce the sulfur content.

The role of petroleum coke recarburizers in casting gradually reveals its advantages. It can reduce the use of scrap steel and pig iron and save casting costs. At the same time,  can also supplement the carbon burnt in molten iron during smelting. More and more attention is paid to the agent. Don’t worry about the price when purchasing. You should to understand what you should pay attention to when purchasing petroleum coke carbonizer, so that you can purchase the correct and high quality petroleum coke carbonizer!

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