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  • With the Coal Group Coal Transport and Marketing Company two-way service to meet the market challenges

With the Coal Group Coal Transport and Marketing Company two-way service to meet the market challenges

On this basis, it has formulated the "two-way service management system of the coal transportation and Marketing Corporation" Straighten out the internal and external environmental factors affecting the market, take a number of measures to deal with the severe market test. Two-way service for production mines and coal washing plants, in addition to the daily management services, strive to achieve quality and efficiency: unremitting efforts to do a good job of coal quality management, ensure product quality, reduce later coal quality disputes; Developing the service of measuring and calculating the benefits of coal washing in the first coal mine and the Second Coal Mine, seeking the best benefit point of the calorific value of coal washing according to the production and washing conditions of each coal mine, then, the coal quality management and Monitoring Center and coal washing and preparation center will guide the coal products of each mine according to the best calorific value of benefit, which will provide scientific decision-making basis for coal production and realize the steady growth of economic benefit. Two-way service to foreign ports, railways and users, do a good job between production, foreign transportation, users: Innovation and implementation of fine coal blending mode, increase port coal blending, develop new coal blending program, the rational allocation of coal resources to meet the needs of users and realize maximum benefits; the coordination of road conditions will be strengthened, and the plan for requesting and sending cars will be adjusted to achieve precise docking; under the situation of heavy downward pressure and low demand in the market, the focus will be on users, first of all, establish good communication relationship, provide detailed pre-sale solution and after-sale processing, and strive to meet the needs of users through optimized service, create a soft environment for user services; Analyze different user needs to adjust the sales plan, as far as possible to meet user requirements for coal products and services, to achieve win-win.

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