Burnt medium-to-high sulphur burnt after prices look stable

Burnt medium-to-high sulphur burnt after prices look stable

[Burnt medium-to-high sulphur burntIn this week, medium and high sulfur calcined burnt products are generally delivered in the market, while the mainstream market price is stable. Some enterprises begin to digest the inventory market this week.In terms of demand, medium and high sulphur calcined coal is still in low demand this week, but some enterprises began to have a small amount of external production this week.

[Burnt burnt burnt burnt burnt burnt burnt coalThis week low sulphur calcined burnt down in the market price stability, graphite electrode downstream market sharply lower prices, the raw material of low sulfur calcined burnt bearish market, at the same time, the upstream pressure lower market price of petroleum coke, huludao area shipment quantity to maintain, low sulfur calcined burnt enterprise actual clinch a deal the price increase According to understand, electrode downstream enterprises starts falling on one hand, on the other hand, the enterprise raw material inventory basic high, so bad burns low sulfur calcined trading recarburizer with coke, low sulfur recarburizer with focal shipment on this week, the downstream steel and foundry were trading downturn, enterprise starts to drop, the market trading downturn in raw material prices downThis week, liaohe exploration and huizhou petrochemical and other low sulfur calcined coke prices were significantly reduced.

Market outlook forecast: At present, the middle and high sulphur calcined coke is in the deficit, and the upstream petroleum coke market price is weak and stable, so it is expected that the market price of middle and high sulphur calcined coke will continue to be stable next week.However, the low sulfur calcined coke was depressed by the low trend of the downstream graphite electrode market, and the enterprise had a strong willingness to ship. Meanwhile, due to the impact of the low price of coke in shandong province, it is predicted that the average price of low sulfur calcined coke in the market will continue to decrease.

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