• carbon raiser price

    carbon raiser price

    As we know , Ningxia Taixi anthracite is famous for High-quality raw materials in the world . As a high-carbon, low-sulfur and low-impurity chemical product, it is mainly used for steel making in  electrical , foundry industries to increase the carbon of content. It can increase the amount of scrap steel thrown in, thereby reducing casting costs,  It is a necessary chemical product for steel making in iron and steel plants.

  • Ningxia TaiXi Anthracite

    Ningxia TaiXi Anthracite

    It used to add the carbon content of the burned steel during the smelting process . Mainly used for electrical manufacturing and foundry industry .

  • Steel Coke

    Steel Coke

    Graphitized Petroleum Coke for F.C 98.5 is usually graphitized under high temperature in a graphite furnace. So it has the features of high carbon, low sulphur, and low harmful impurities. It has been widely used for steel-smelting, casting, brake pedal and friction material etc

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