• Activated Carbon Tablets

    Activated Carbon Tablets

    Activated carbon adsorption desulfurization and denitrification technology can realize resource utilization of pollution control products. It has the advantages of high desulfurization and denitrification efficiency, and is considered to be a promising desulfurization and denitrification technology.

  • Liquid Activated Carbon

    Liquid Activated Carbon

    Impregnated activated carbon is made from selected carbon by impregnating with different impregnants.This kind of product incorporates activity, selectivity and stablility, and provides good catalysis and all - purpose protection. All purpose protection not only protects against toxic gases such as cyanides and arsenides, but also against harmful gases suc as acid gases, ammonia and carbon mono xide. Desiccants can effectively absorb water vapor from gases. Wide use is found in national defence, industrial hygiene and safety, environmental protection, etc.

  • Coal-Based Briquette Drinking Water Activated Carbon

    Coal-Based Briquette Drinking Water Activated Carbon

    Our coal-based granular activated carbon is made from high quality anthracite coal, taking advantage of advanced processing technology. They are well-developed porosity, large surface area, strong adsorption, high mechanical strength, easy to repeated regeneration, and low cost.

  • Activated Charcoal Sticks

    Activated Charcoal Sticks

    3mm Pellet Carbon is made of high standard Taixi anthracite, processed through grinding, mixture, extrusion, carbonization and steam activation etc. Due to the high mechanical hardness, highly developed pore structure and huge specific surface area, it can be widely used in both of gas-phase and fluid-phase purification and adsorption, catalyst carrier, poison and security protection.

  • Acid washed activated carbon for Water Treatment, Decolorizing

    Acid washed activated carbon for Water Treatment, Decolorizing

    Activated carbon is a non-hazardous carbon-bearing product with a porous structure and a very large internal surface area. The chemical structure of activated carbon can be defined as a crude form of graphite, with a random amorphous structure that is highly porous over a range of pore sizes, from visible cavities and gaps to those of molecular dimensions.

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