85% CAC

Brand :Panson

Product origin :Ningxia

Delivery time :10days

Supply capacity :500MT


We are producing and supplying Carbon additive, Electrically Calcined Anthracite Coal, Calcined Anthracite Coal,Gas Calcined Anthracite Coal , carbon raiser with Fixed carbon 91-95%, Ash: 4.0-8.0%, Sulfur: 0.15-0.25%. Our quality are always quite good and stable. We're producing and packing according to the customers' requirements and option;

Feature: All of our goods are made in the best quality of world famous Ningxia Taixi Washed Anthracite Coal. All of our products are with High carbon, Low ash, low sulphur, Low Moisture. Our electrically Calcined Anthracite coal is always with quite low Resistivity of 550-620Micro-Ohm-Meter max.
Application: Electrically Calcined Anthracite Coal is mainly used in Making carbon electrode paste and widely used in Aluminium Industry;

1.85% CAC is made from well-selected anthracite which is low in content of ash, sulfur, phosphorus, high heat productivity, high chemically activation.

2. Carbon raiser has two main uses, namely as the fuel and additive.When being used as the carbon additive of steel-smelting, and casting.  the fixed carbon may achieve above 95%.

3.Used as additive in steel making process, making graphite blocks, or machining graphite parts, etc..

Applications of graphite petroleum coke carbon raiser: 

1.Mainly used in steelmaking in electrical stove, screening water, shipbuilding sandblast to remove rust.

2.Can reduce the cost of steelmaking effectively by replacing the traditional petroleum coke of carburant.

3.Used for steel making,can improve the Carbon content in steel-melting and Ductile iron foundry.

Lowest price than Graphitized petroleum coke Carburizer and petroleum Coke ,but can meet same effective in production .

Mainly industry property of it is : instead of traditional pertroleum coal of Carbon Additives,reduce the cost of steelmaking.

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