carbon additive 95% in Ningxia

Brand :panson

Product origin :宁夏

Delivery time :2015年

Supply capacity :3000MT

carbon additive 90% it is made from well selected ningixa taixi anthracite,used to add the carbon content of the burned steel during the smelting process.mainly used for electrical manufacturing and foundry industry,carbon additive 90% carbon have 90%,ash: 8.5% max,moisture `

Calcined anthracite coal is one kind of carbon raiser,it is produced when anthracite is calcined under the temperature of 1200-1400C in vertical shaft furnaces to obtained a devolatized and partially graphitized product. Calcining is controlled to achieve specific characteristics.        
Raw materials for Calcined Anthracite are selected carefully from TaiXi Anthracite Coal which is well-known for its low ash, low sulfur content  in Ningxia Province and are processed by floatation before calcining。   
The primary application of Calcined Anthracite is in steel mill ladles, melting, holding and even blast,  furnaces as recarburizer . It has also found to be used as the substitute of calcined petroleum coke in particular application because of its comparable quality and competitive price.      
Specification for reference. we also can produce accroding to customer's requirement.Mainly used in steelmaking in electrical stove, screening water, 
Also for shipbuilding sandblast to remove rust,producing carbon materials.
Reduce the cost of steelmaking effectively by replacing the traditional carburant.

Also can improve the Carbon content in steel-melting and Ductile iron foundry.

Carbon raiser is a carbon material, produced at high temperatures and used for carburization of steel and cast iron. 
It is applied during the steelmaking with low cast iron content (allow of steel and carbon) in charge in oxygen converter and electrosmelting processes. In metallurgy carbon raiser (milled graphite) is widely used for slag foaming, during coal graphite production, as a filler for graphite-reinforced plastic.

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