Correct use of activated carbon

       As we know that activated carbon can adsorb harmful substances, so how many toxic substances can activated carbon adsorb? The adsorption of activated carbon is affected by temperature, humidity and pressure, and is also related to the harmful substances themselves. Generally speaking, activated carbon can adsorb 10 to 15% of its own weight. Formaldehyde and carbon monoxide cannot be physically adsorbed at room temperature, and need to be chemically used. If formaldehyde is to be processed, a copper catalyst needs to be impregnated. If formaldehyde is to be processed, a copper catalyst needs to be impregnated.

Activated Carbon 3mm

      If you only buy activated carbon, there will be different iodine value and CTC adsorption rate because of the gap between activated carbon raw materials and processing technology. Moreover, the quality of the activated carbon treatment directly determines the ratio of the micropores, mesopores and macropores of the activated carbon. If there are many micropores, the ability to adsorb small molecules of harmful gases is strong (such as formaldehyde, ammonia, etc.). Or if the proportion of macropores is high, the ability to remove large molecule harmful substances such as benzene series will be outstanding. Therefore, it is not possible to estimate how much harmful substances are adsorbed simply by calculating the weight of activated carbon, because moisture in the air, carbon dioxide, etc. will also be adsorbed by activated carbon; activated carbon treatment process from the perspective of economic optimization, activated carbon must have a certain grayscale, this It may be more difficult to handle than crushed carbon foam. The gray scale of normal industry carbon is generally controlled at about 10%.

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