What are the activated carbon plants

    There are many activated carbon manufacturers in Ningxia. Ningxia Panson coal And Carbon is one of them. The company was established in 1992 and has 28 years of experience in activated carbon production and processing. The company intends to be in the international market. Panson Carbon has obtained the appropriate management system of ISO9001 and obtained export rights. The company's products meet the relevant European Union standards. After 28 years of development, Ningxia Panson has developed from a single production to a variety produce. The company's product types have also developed into a variety of carburizing agents, activated carbon, silicon carbide, ferrosilicon and so on.

    Coal-based activated carbon is mainly divided into six hundreds of indicators such as columnar carbon, crushed carbon, pickled carbon, and powdered carbon. It is mainly used for air purification, water treatment, or catalyst carrier. The distribution of small or large pores can be based on customer needs Be customized. Columnar activated carbon can also be from 0.9mm to 9.0mm according to customer needs. Pingxin's activated carbon raw material is selected from Ningxia Taixi anthracite, which is processed by grinding, mixing, extrusion carbonization, steam activation and other processes.

     Granular activated carbon is also one of the products of the activated carbon series. Granular activated carbon has the pore characteristics of cylindrical activated carbon. The commonly used scales are 8*30, 12*40, 5*7, etc. As for the specifications raised, they can also be based on customer needs Customized, because the granular activated carbon has good diffusivity and high adsorption rate, and is more suitable for industrial wastewater treatment and solution decolorization treatment.

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