• Recaurburizer 94%

    Recaurburizer 94%

    Anthracite filter material is widely used in water treatment industry. Anthracite filter material is a high quality anthracite as raw material, by crushing, powder, sieve and other processes Anthracite filter material in the process of filtering , directly affect the filtration of water quality, so the choice of the filter material must meet the following requirements: 1. High mechanical strength, crushing rate and wear rate should not be higher than 3% (by weight). 2. Stable chemical properties, without toxic and harmful substances. It is insoluble in ordinary acid, alkaline and neutral water. Our products are determined by China water treatment filter media supervision and testing center: the hydrochloric acid soluble rate is 0.98% (the ministerial standard is 3.5), all kinds of water sources can achieve good purification effect. 3. The particle size distribution is reasonable and the specific surface area is good. The appearance of the product is spherical and angular, glossiness is good, and it is screened by mechanical vibration for three times. The gradation accords with the relevant technical indexes. 4. The particle size range is less than the specified minimum diameter, according to the weight is not greater than 3%, greater than the specified upper limit of particle size, not more than 2% by weight.

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