94% CAC

Brand :Panson

Product origin :Ningxia

Delivery time :10days

Supply capacity :500MT

Carbon Additive also called Calcined anthracite Coal, Gas Calcined Anthracite Coal, Carbon Raiser.
The main raw material is Ningxia unique high quality anthracite, with characteristic of low ash and low sulfur. Carbon additive has two main uses, namely as the fuel and additive. When being used as the carbon additive of steel-smelting, and casting, the fixed carbon may achieve above 95%.
It may substitute massively refinery coke or the stone grinds. Meanwhile its cost is much less than the refinery coke and the stone grinds. Carbon Additive may also use as the fuel, for its calorific value may achieve above 9386K/KG. It may substitute burnt carbon massively. The burnt carbon exportation needs the quota; Therefore the carburizing agent price superiority is similarly obvious.

1. Quick delivery with strong package
2. Competitive price
3. Low sulfur and high carbon
4.Fast delivery
5.Different size
Coke is a material mxing of serval kinds of coal, after high temperature process, we get it. Coke is widely used in non-ferrous metals smelting and BF iron manufacture industry, because of its special physical and chemical characteristics: High porosity, high fixed carbon, low sulfur, low volatile matter content. Also,
It has been applied in calcium carbide, chemical and foundry industry, ferro alloy manufacture works.
Our supplying list:
Metallurgical&foundry coke-for steelmaking, non-ferrous metal smelting and so on
Green pet coke: Used for thermal energy, cements plants and glass plant
Calcined petroleum coke-used in foundry, metallurgy, carbon paste, graphite electrode
Graphitized petroleum coke-used as recarburant in the steelmaking, precision casting industry, reducing agent in metallurgical industry.
Carbon anode scrap-used as smelting fuel for copper smelting industry.

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