95% carbon raiser

Brand :Panson

Product origin :Ningxia

Delivery time :10days

Supply capacity :500MT

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We have five years experiences to produce the gaphite petroleum coke (GPC) which mainly used in foundry industry and we also produce the graphite scrap from machining the graphite electrodes that mainly used in steel industry.


High carbon, low sulfur, low nitrogen,high graphitization degree,high carbon recovery (92% ~ 98%),with stable effect on improving the carbon content.


Graphitized Petroleum coke is mainly used for metallurgy & foundry, it can improve the carbon content in steel-melting and casting, Also it can increase the quantity of scrap steel and reduce the quantity of pig iron, or use no scrap iron at all. 
It's also can be used for brake pedal and friction material.

3.Our product has follwing advantages:

(1). High carbon : High purity 98.5-99.5%
(2). Low sulphur : 0.01% ~ 0.05%. Low sulphur and stable distribution can effectively reduce the adverse effect of sulphur in spheroidizing and pregnant process to the alloy, and it saves the cost.
(3). Low nitrogen : nitrogen content 50 PPM ~ 300 PPM(0.005%-0.03%)
(4). The absorption rate of carbon is high: 92- 98%.
(5). Fast absorption speed: it's easily dissolve in the molten iron.

(6). High graphite crystal nucleus and high graphitization degreeit can reduce the iron liquid contraction tendency and improve the mechanical properties of casting.
(7). It may increase the dosage of scrap steel and reduce the demand of pig-iron or even without adding pig iron. It may well effectively avoid the heredity of pig iron to affect the casting.
(8). Cost-effective: reduce GPC, power and nucleating agent, which will save production cost
(9). Stable carburetion, good absorption rate and distinct temperature-lifting effect: There is no return slag. It can effectively protect and lengthen the furnace life and reduce the consumption of the furnace lining.

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