carbon raiser 95%

Brand :panson

Product origin :宁夏

Delivery time :2019

Supply capacity :3000MT

Anthracite filter material with high quality anthracite as raw material, through the selection, crushing, and two screening, high mechanical strength, good compression performance, chemical stability, no toxic substances, wear resistance, in acid, neutral, alkaline water are not dissolved, and anthracite particle surface roughness, good adsorption capacity, high porosity, with light, low required back washing strength, can save a lot of water and electricity.Anthracite filter material with quartz sand filter material with the use of the current promotion of double rapid filter and three layer filter, filter tank filter is the best material to increase the filter speed increase the unit area of water and increase the sewage interception capacity, reduce the project cost and reduce the area of the most effective way.

Product Description

Carbon raiser is a carbon material, produced at high temperatures and used for carburization of steel and cast iron. 
It is applied during the steelmaking with low cast iron content (allow of steel and carbon) in charge in oxygen converter and electrosmelting processes. In metallurgy carbon raiser (milled graphite) is widely used for slag foaming, during coal graphite production, as a filler for graphite-reinforced plastic.

Detailed Images

carbon raiser 95%


Mainly used in steelmaking in electrical stove, screening water,          

Also for shipbuilding sandblast to remove rust,producing carbon materials.
2.Reduce the cost of steelmaking effectively by replacing the traditional carburant.

3.Also can improve the Carbon content in steel-melting and Ductile iron foundry.

4.Reducing agent/reductant in chemical industries

5.Refractory materials ,etc.

Packaging & Shipping

Package:25kg/50kg a bag ,or according your requirement.

Delivery:5-7days after place order.

carbon raiser 95%
Company shipping regulations and precautions:

1,After the finished product warehouse receives the goods from the sales invoice, it must check whether there are any omissions before packing and packing. Put it in the packing list after confirmation. , packaged according to company packaging standards.
2,The finished products that are sent to the outer casing are packaged and weighed, and the lower right corner of the package is clearly marked. Actual weight.
3,The warehouse staff should indicate the consignee, address, telephone number and shipper in the package and check it correctly.
4,The logistics personnel should register all the shipping information on the "Receipt and Delivery Record".
5,The consignor or the consignee should register on the "Receipt and Delivery Record" when picking up the goods.
6,After the delivery, the logistics department should save the shipping order for inquiry.
7,The sales department informs the receiving party that the goods have been issued to receive the goods.
8,If the receiving party does not receive the goods within three days, please inform the company's logistics department by phone, otherwise it will be regarded as positive. Often received.

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