Recaurburizer 94%

Brand :panson

Product origin :宁夏

Delivery time :2019

Supply capacity :3000MT

Anthracite filter material is widely used in water treatment industry.

Anthracite filter material is a high quality anthracite as raw material, by crushing, powder, sieve and other processes

Anthracite filter material in the process of filtering , directly affect the filtration of water quality, so the choice of the filter material must meet the following requirements:

1. High mechanical strength, crushing rate and wear rate should not be higher than 3% (by weight).

2. Stable chemical properties, without toxic and harmful substances. It is insoluble in ordinary acid, alkaline and neutral water. Our products are determined by China water treatment filter media supervision and testing center: the hydrochloric acid soluble rate is 0.98% (the ministerial standard is 3.5), all kinds of water sources can achieve good purification effect.

3. The particle size distribution is reasonable and the specific surface area is good. The appearance of the product is spherical and angular, glossiness is good, and it is screened by mechanical vibration for three times. The gradation accords with the relevant technical indexes.

4. The particle size range is less than the specified minimum diameter, according to the weight is not greater than 3%, greater than the specified upper limit of particle size, not more than 2% by weight.

Anthracite filter material with high quality anthracite as raw material, through the selection, crushing, and two screening, high mechanical strength, good compression performance, chemical stability, no toxic substances, wear resistance, in acid, neutral, alkaline water are not dissolved, and anthracite particle surface roughness, good adsorption capacity, high porosity, with light, low required back washing strength, can save a lot of water and electricity.Anthracite filter material with quartz sand filter material with the use of the current promotion of double rapid filter and three layer filter, filter tank filter is the best material to increase the filter speed increase the unit area of water and increase the sewage interception capacity, reduce the project cost and reduce the area of the most effective way. Anthracite filter material is now widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, thermal power, pharmaceutical, paper, printing and dyeing, food and so on before and after the production of water treatment process.Coal carbonizing agent made of high quality anthracite as raw material, is in 1300 centigrade high temperature carbonization reduce volatile, used to enhance the fixed carbon content and density, strength, oxidation resistance and products. It has high fixed carbon content, strong oxidation resistance, low content of harmful elements. As reducing agent in smelting process. Recarburizer is to complement the carbon content in liquid steel required for increasing carbon containing material. Electric arc furnace steelmaking process, can add coke or anthracite as carburetant in charging. Due to its high ash content and volatile matter content, induction furnace melting cast iron is rarely used as a carburizing agent. For casting, cast iron, cast steel, casting will have a requirement of carbon, then carburizing agent, as the name implies, is to increase the carbon content of molten iron, for example, in charge used in smelting pig iron, scrap steel, scrap, pig iron carbon content is high, but the purchase price of scrap is higher section of, so the increase in scrap amount invested, pig iron reduces the amount invested, and carburizing agent, can play a role in reducing the cost of castings.

Recaurburizer 94%

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